Corset Dress

A corset dress is an elegant garment worn over a chemise to hold and control the figure, typically a larger bottom or smaller waist, for fashion or support of the breast, or to support the neck and shoulders. Women and men both have been known to wear corsets; however, this garment was originally for women only. It is considered to be one of the most sexy and sensual of all lingerie items today. Many celebrities such as Pamela Anderson and Bette Midler, who are both avid fans of corsets, are seen wearing them onscreen. The corset has been used for centuries as a form of punishment in medieval times, and some still see the use of these garments as a method of torture.

Women’s Corset dresses are made in different styles and sizes to fit any body type. They come in strapless, halter top, cami top, and convertible top. These corsets are designed to be sexy, yet practical, and are worn by professional, semi-professional, and even personal wear models. They are not only meant to be sexy but also functional, thus the reason that they are sold at specialty stores around the world. Although these types of clothing are made for the female body, it is important to note that they are not appropriate for everybody, and should never be worn if you have an eating disorder or are pregnant.

Purchasing a corset dress may be a bit uncomfortable for some, but if you are open to trying it on you will be more comfortable and excited about wearing it. If you purchase a corset dress online, make sure to follow all the sizing instructions, because sometimes they differ from the manufacturers. Make sure to take your time with your search for the perfect corset, because while you may feel like you have reached Nirvana, you will soon discover that you still need to work at feeling sexy.