Dubarry Kildare Boots Walnut 3 (EU36)


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The Kildare is a shorter, half-calf version of the classic Dubarry Galway boot. It is worn worldwide by those who appreciate the finest quality, as it combines high performance with maximum comfort. The leather used in these boots is the same DryFast-DrySoft™ leather used by Dubarry for all of its footwear. It has been specially treated to absorb less moisture and dry up to seventy perfect quicker than other boots. This means you can wear the Kildare to jump in a puddle or two, and the boot wont lose its softness and suppleness if looked after correctly.Kildare FeaturesWaterproof and breathable thanks to the GORE-TEX® liningDryFast-DrySoft™ leather uppersHalf calf length which reduces the weight of the bootLycra® stretch adjustable lef top for ease of fitTab at top of boot makes putting on and taking off easyModelled on the classic Dubarry Galway bootDurable, hardwearing materialsTwo shades of leatherSubtle, signature Dubarry and GORE-TEX® brandingRead our blog for more about boot linings: Learn your linings!For more information about the Dubarry Kildare Boots please give our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team a call on 01432 377089 or pop in to our store.Dubarry’s Ref.MPN: 3892-01, 3892-02, 3892-12, 3892-52 Colour: Black, Brown, Black / Brown and Walnut BrownSize: 2.5 (EU35), 3 (EU36), 4 (EU37), 5 (EU38), 6 (EU39), 6.5 (EU40), 7 (EU41), 8 (EU42), 9 (EU43), 10 (EU44) 10.5 (EU45), 11 (EU46), 12 (EU47)PM Ref: 833886