How to Style a Swing Dress

Swing Dresses are a great way to show off your body! This summer you should take full advantage of this season. You have many options for your dress. You may want to keep it simple or dress up your dress! A simple black dress is always a favorite for a variety of occasions such as the beach, summer weddings, pool parties, and much more! The versatility of this style of dress has made it very popular for all types of events. Here are a few ways that you can style your dress this season!

How to Dress Up a Swing Dress – 5 Easy Ways: Simply wear it casually without any accessories! Styled it with only booties and a light, short dress! Add Accessories – For this casual look, add a shawl, cap, and/or scarf! With the cooler weather coming in, layer with thick, short pants & a light, short-sleeved dress! You can even wear a thick belt & add on some over-the-knee boots for a little extra flair!

How to Dress Up a Dress – 2 Easy Ways: Dress it up with skirts or pants! Let’s face it, most of us love being outdoors so much! If you have the time, why not try out an amazing look for your day! Wear your favorite colors with a splash of color! Also, if you are feeling daring, dress it up with a funky top! For instance, if you have a great summertime shade, then don a pastel blue top & put on some skinny jeans! These easy methods will show off your fabulous legs, and of course, your dress!