Musto Mens Lightweight Machine Washable Tweed Breeks Balmoral 38


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Musto have developed a Lightweight Machine Washable (at 30 degrees) technical tweed jacket and breeks. Available in the Calder colour. This shooting suit offers great camouflage in the field and great protection from the elements. Your favourite classic tweed but with the added benefit of an easily washable fabric, these breeks tackle the problems that occurs with tweed fabric by being washable and 25% lighter than previous tweeds. Lightweight Machine Washable Tweed Breeks FeaturesMachine washable at 3025% Lighter than previous tweedsWaterproof, breathable and windproofClarino trimImitation horn button & zip flyJetted back pocketsHem adjustment with velcro tab & gussetThe really clever bit about washable tweedAll wool fibres have a series of microscopic scales which can feel coarse and when agitated through the washing process lock together resulting in a stiff and coarse handle. Fibres are damaged and garments lose their shape.Other brands are generally producing machine washable tweeds by subjecting the cloth to a consolidating chlorine gas. However, this gassing process, known as Chlor Hercosett, increases the likelihood of a coarse stiff cloth that can only be made using dull colour yarns.Musto developed a plasticising process with a Scottish Mill which coats the fibres and the scales making them smooth and flexible, rather than coarse and stiff. This consolidates the cloth the original handle, vibrant colour and shape are maintained when washed at 30C, providing the extra benefit of being easy care with no sacrifice to the cloths premium feel.Musto’s Ref.MPN: CS1221Colour: Cairngorm and BalmoralSizes: UK 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44PM Ref. 856814